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Becoming a vegan is one of the most compassionate, altruistic and controversial things you can do within the context of modern society. It is a promise that you will not contribute toward the massacre of millions of animals who have absolutely no power over their own lives. Ignoring animal welfare for a moment, there is growing evidence that vegans actually benefit as there are personal stories and suggestions of longer lifespan, physical performance and diseases & ailments disappearing.

By vegan, we are talking about those who adopt the plant-based version of veganism. It’s entirely possible (and relatively easy) to be an unhealthy vegan!

Must-Watch Films

What The Health

This movie caused a lot of controversy but the media attention it generated converted a lot of people to veganism. It follows the journey of Kip Andersen who starts off with a curiosity that can only be admired and eventually finds himself uncovering an ugly side to big business that profits from keeping the population sick. Contains numerous interviews with credible medical professionals and it’s littered with useful and provocative information.

What The Health is available for viewing on Netflix or via the link to Amazon ->

Earthlings Movie

Earthlings – YouTube

An eye-opening documentary which includes hidden camera footage of day-to-day practices of the largest industries in the world that exploit animals for profit. The film took such a long time to produce simply because of how difficult it is to obtain footage of the animal exploitation. It goes to show how far businesses will go to keep this cruelty hidden because once the truth gets out, profits will suffer.

<- Watch Earthlings on YouTube.

Thought Leaders

Nutrition Studies Website


T.Colin Campbell is a dairy farmer turned vegan biochemist with over 60 years experience in the science of human health. He worked on one of the most comprehensive studies of health and nutrition, The China Study, and set up the center for nutritional studies to research and promote the benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

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Veganism Articles

Vegan and Pregnant: Is It Healthy?

Over the last couple of years lots of people have jumped onto the ‘Vegan Train’ if you will. Some think it is a great new lifestyle, while others think it’s all a bit over the top.