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Ever heard someone say ‘there aren’t enough hours in the day’? Well there definitely is. In fact, if you optimise yourself you’ll actually be very surprised at how efficient and effective you can be as an individual. There are a lot of incredible people out there, some of which we will post below, that can maintain an extremely high level of output without compromising on their quality of life. These people are human too, which means there’s no reason you can’t apply the same principles and approaches that have brought them their success.

Thought Leaders

Tim Ferris

Whenever someone talks about productivity, it’s rare for Tim’s name not to come up. He’s a business owner, world-record tango dancer and best selling author. It’s also worth pointing out that Tim went through his own battles with mental health which makes his achievements all the more impressive and inspiring to the masses. The book that changed the way a lot of people work and live is the 4-hour work week which has been described as ‘The most surprising self-help hit of the decade’ by Mens Journal. A must read for anyone looking to 10x their output.

Chris Bailey

If you’re looking for contagious enthusiasm and productivity tips delivered in an entertaining way, Chris is your guy. He’s got his own TEDx talk (watch it here on YouTube – skip to 13:00 for tips) and has written two books on the topic. Seth Godin, a world famous marketer, has been quoted as saying the Productivity Project is “a book that promises, in the title, to pay for itself. And, the truth is, it will, in just a few days. And you’ll even enjoy the journey.”

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