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The quickest and most effective way to change your physiology in a beneficial way is to change how you’re breathing. By paying attention to the breath, you can adapt to stressful situations, lower your blood pressure, increase physical performance and release those much-loved endorphins! Being able to tune in to yourself is a skill and therefore must be learnt, so we’ve provided some useful resources below to help get you started.

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Wim Hof Method

Wim Hof has broken several world records for his achievements related to extreme cold exposure. Through his own formulated breathing exercise, he unlocked something within himself that enabled him to withstand sub-zero temperatures and has proved the method with real science. There was even a case where he even fought off the E.Coli bacteria using his breathing method! Check out the method and the science on the Wim Hof website.

Wim Hof Website
Headspace Website

Headspace Meditation

A fantastic way to unwind and get in touch with yourself and the breath is by meditating. Headspace has made it easily accessible for all audiences and you can choose to meditate for a couple of minutes or go all in with a 20-minute session. It’s a great app to have and when you’re feeling stressed, the breathing exercises it teaches you can become invaluable.

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