Alcohol is so prevalent across the globe that it has become a normalised drug of choice. Notice how it’s often referred to as ‘drugs and alcohol’ as if it was somehow mutually exclusive from the category, when in fact alcohol really is a powerful drug. There are some lesser known facts about alcohol that you need to know:

  • The second you drink alcohol, your body will stop burning fat. This is because alcohol is a toxin and your body will prioritise the removal of toxins over fat burning.
  • When your body metabolises alcohol it produces a chemical called ‘acetaldehyde’ which is a group 1 carcinogen AKA it is proven to be a direct cause of cancer. Ethanol is also a group 1 carcinogen. Check the list here and notice how alcohol is in the same list as asbestos and mustard gas, it’s shocking.
  • Alcohol is a depressant and distorts your perception of the world. You’re more likely to do stupid shit when drunk and may even directly associate having fun with drinking alcohol. The actual fact is, you are already a fun person (and much, much smarter when sober) but you may only allow yourself to ‘let go’ after a drink or two. Don’t mask your anxieties by numbing yourself with alcohol as it’s not sustainable.

A fascinating piece of research that was brought to mainstream attention by neuropsychopharmacologist Professor David Nutt, was the harmful drugs chart where a large group of commonly known drugs were analysed based on their harm to the user and harm to others (data used from on the United Kingdom). This would include all reported crimes related to these drugs. The outcome showed alcohol to be, by far, the most harmful in terms of overall score and came above drugs like heroin, methedrone, crack and weed. This is incredible considering alcohol is completely legal in most countries and provides a suggestion that alcohol isn’t as safe as first thought.

Drugs Harm Chart
Source: The Lancet

Useful Resources

Jason Vale’s Kick The Drink…Easily

Jason Vale is a lifestyle coach and huge advocate of a healthy lifestyle. He’s better known as ‘the juicemaster’ and enthusiastic attitude. He’s got a lot of experience helping people with addictions and this book focuses purely on alcohol and will no doubt change your whole perception on your drinking habits. He understands the concept of quitting and will teach you how to move away from ‘I can’t have it…’ to ‘I don’t want it’ which is a huge perception shift that empowers you to make the decision to stop drinking. A must read for anyone looking to kick the drink.

One Year No Beer Site

One Year No Beer

With over 25,000 members across 90 countries, you won’t be alone in your journey to sobriety. OYNB is a challenge you can sign up for to help you quit drinking. The program essentially gives you a support group and community element where you can share your challenges and talk to people who are at different stages so you can get insight into what 2/3/4 months down the line looks like. You’ll also have an opportunity to help other people so you may make some friends along the way.

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